about kris&kate

kris&kate.com is a trendy online fashion site where shopping and giving go hand in hand. Our amazing customers love to shop with us not only for trendy fashion at affordable prices but because ten percent of their purchase brings Hope and Help to women around the globe. Our customers are stunning, sensible, and selfless and they care where they spend their money. They want to know that they're not only getting a great deal on fabulous fashion, but that their dollars are also changing the world, one woman at a time.

Our customers choose which charity they want their ten percent to go to at checkout:
World Vision Microloans for women which brings women out of poverty and into a way of supporting themselves and their families through small business loans or through compassion2one which brings awareness to the 
sex trafficking industry and helps children to find a safe way out of that horror.

If you would like to choose to shop with us so that your fashion dollars are changing the world, go to our Homepage and sign up for our NEW TODAY notices and enjoy new and exciting fashion every day while bringing help to the helpless.  Each time you wear fashion from kris&kate you can find comfort in the fact that not only do you look stunning, but you have brought hope to a woman somewhere in the world. 

Thank you for partnering with us in this exciting journey.


  kris&kate was founded by Christi Sandvik, a single Mom and passionate fashionista, who knows what it's like to have to fully support her family on her own and is dedicated to using the opportunities and freedom that God has given her in business to give back to women in need around the world.  

The kris&kate team is made up of incredibly selfless individuals. They all work super hard behind the scenes to make this amazing dream of combining savvy style and rescuing women a reality. They're givers just like you. They love to hear from you and want to go above and beyond to make sure that your online shopping experience is fun and easy.

Write to us at: customerservice[at]kris&kate.com 


Thank you!
Christi Sandvik, founder, and the kris&kate team